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The First Book in My Series “The Intelligence of Our Emotions.”

If you are interested in deepening your emotional awareness and in developing your emotional intelligence in ways that enhance conscious co-creative living, then this book is for you.

7 Steps to Spiritual Empathy, a practical guide

Are you interested in the power of conscious choice?

Do you understand the role that your emotions play in your capacity for conscious living?

We are becoming increasingly aware of the power and influence of our extraordinary mind in co-creating our journey throughout our lives and there are numerous books and numerous scientific studies that are connecting both the science and the spirituality of energy, and indeed our human capacity for conscious choice and influence within this sphere. However, our mind is only one part of the picture; it is only one piece of the jigsaw.

It has been my privilege to walk alongside literally hundreds of people as they have journeyed from the chaos of living from an emotionally reactive position, to a place of integrated living where their emotions fuel and feed their capacity to navigate their lives from a position of conscious, reflective choice. Indeed, the journey of my own life has shown me through and through, that our emotions play an absolutely integral role in our ability to heal, to grow and to thrive.

If as adults we are the author of our own experience, then how do we become fully present and fully available to navigate our journey through life with conscious intention? How do we find ways that will enable us to be actively and consciously co-creative, mindful of our choices and indeed mindful of the consequences of our choices?

The answer is Empathy.

Empathy isn’t simply a listening ear and something that we can offer others. In essence, true empathy is a state of being. When we live empathically, we can relate with our full experience of life at a level of mindful and conscious awareness. Awareness of ourselves, awareness of others, and awareness of a greater, universal intelligence of which we are an integral and dynamic part.

Empathy is the very fabric of relatedness.

Living through empathy IS living through relationship. It is about being fully relational, and fully present to our entire experience. When we engage with life through empathy we create a relational connection with life itself….

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Jenny’s On-line Library

My online library is dedicated to promoting all aspects of emotional health and well-being.
I originally started making audios to support people who I was working with on a one-to-one basis. This naturally evolved into the creation of a library of audios where emotions and emotional language are talked about in a down-to-earth way that avoids jargon and psychological terminology.

About my Online Audio Library

Our emotions are key to our ability to navigate our lives successfully. Understanding our emotions and developing our ability to listen to our emotional voice supports us in developing emotional resilience and durability. With emotional understanding, when times feel tough we can bounce back and this in turn will enable all aspects of our lives to flourish and to thrive.

The long-term intention of the A-Z Library is to generate sufficient funds to set up a centre for emotional health and a charity that will fund initiatives that support all aspects of emotional well-being. These will range from emotional education to offering financial support to groups of people who would not otherwise be able to access appropriate emotional support at times of difficulty.

Whether you choose to become a free member of the library or a full member of the library I hope that this ever growing resource will be helpful to you and of value.

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